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The Open Thread: USF at UConn

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Change is upon us.

New coach, new starting QB, new-ish offense without PP/GDL fingerprints.

Human beings generally have an aversion to change. Habits, rituals and traditions are the things that make our lives comfortable and easy.

But for the past 2+ years we’ve become accustomed to seeing an overmatched old guy roam the sidelines and for the past 9 years a clown car of mediocre to average quarterbacks slingin’ it on Saturdays. We don’t know if Weist and Boyle are the answers to those problems, but by god this change had to be made. Now a season that seemed to be dead in the water at least inspires some hope. We have very pertinent reasons to watch the rest of this season, and for that we should all be grateful. Weist and Boyle bring hope in two distinctly different ways.

Boyle represents the future of the program. He’s the best QB to commit to UConn since Dan Orlovsky, or maybe ever (no pressure). We’re hopeful he can live up to expectations and that he can show flashes of brilliance across this season so we can be excited for the next three. Conversely, Weist may be able to jump-start this years' team and salvage some respect when it's looking like we may not win a single game (Seriously, if we’re losing badly to Towson and Buffalo then who’s winnable on the schedule?). Nobody knows how long Weist will be here, or what the future holds for the program in terms of coaching. Is he really getting a fair shake at the full time job? No idea. But either way his enthusiasm and added brushstrokes on the offensive gameplan should provide a boost.

This weekend thousands of alumni will be gathered at Rentschler Field for UConn’s Homecoming. Most of them, knowing full well how brutal the football team is to watch, will keep the tailgate going long after kickoff. To those brave souls who will say to their friends, “Let’s go in, I wanna see Tim Boyle play!” only to be met with harsh pushback, “Oh, ok you guys wanna keep playing ladder golf… I’ll go in alone” I hope you get to see a gem.