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Is UConn getting a new look and new football uniforms?

A few recruits have said UConn is getting new football uniforms for next year, and an athletic department rebranding might be underway.

A small nugget in a Courant mailbag today indicated that UConn's teams -- all of them -- may be getting a new look in the near future. From the piece:

When it comes to the media on stuff like this we're among the last to know for obvious reasons but I have heard Nike is rolling out a rebrand for the entire athletic department.

The question that got that answer was inspired by a few recruits on twitter saying that at the very least UConn's football team is in for a new look next year:

This was from incoming quarterback Richard Lagow on Monday:

According to his feed he was scheduled to meet with Pasqualoni on that day, so maybe he picked up some info then. Even if he didn't, incoming tight end Junior Joseph replied to Lagow, saying that he was told told UConn would have a new look:

Obviously we don't have any idea what the uniforms might look like, but Nike redesigned the NFL's uniform's last year and some of those changes have started to creep down to the college ranks. Still, a rebrand for the entire athletic department could potentially mean something much bigger than the addition of a "sweatbox" and is an intriguing idea. Something similar has been rumored online for about two months, and it does make a certain amount of sense that the school would consider revamping the entire athletic program at once. Right now each of the school's teams has its own unique logo (men's basketball, women's basketball, football, baseball, etc.) and consolidating to one look (perhaps with the block font that's all over might be a good move.

If UConn does get a redesign, or even if it just gets new football uniforms, what would you like to see?