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Liberty! Freedom! The Tyranny of first down runs is dead! George DeLeone leaves UConn for the Giants

UConn's highly unpopular offensive coordinator is departing to be the Giants offensive line coach.


George DeLeone, UConn's much-maligned and despised offensive coordinator is leaving to take a job as offensive line coach of the New York Giants. Hooray. Stupendous. Incredible. I could not be happier.

I've made no secret of my disdain for DeLeone, who's run-first, run-second, punt-third offense wasted a year where UConn had one of the top-10 defenses in the land. Just as bad was the severe damage he did to the cornerstone of UConn's success under Randy Edsall, the offensive line. Much of the criticism of DeLeone was centered on the fact that he tried to force his players to adapt to a complex pro-style system rather than adapting his system so it would be better suited to their skills. In the end that might mean this move works out well for both parties, DeLeone can coach the type of players that can thrive in his system, and UConn can have someone else coaching them.

Of course, if this is to be a truly great day for UConn it's going to mean getting a good replacement for DeLeone. As of now UConn has no defensive coordinator, no offensive coordinator, no offensive line coach, and a whole pile of questions heading into what should be a very difficult system. For at least one of those positions, former UConn defensive tackle Rob Lunn has an easy suggestion, former UConn line and current tight ends coach Mike Foley:

As for everyone else, we'll see, but receiver Michael Smith, who just finished his senior season, seems to be on the same page as us, saying in a now-deleted tweet: "Thank God DeLeone is gone now my boys can thrive in hopefully a spread offense."