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You can now own a pair of UConn's ridiculous 1990 basketball shorts

Retro College Cuts has remade UConn's 1990 basketball shorts, and they're now available for sale.

You've seen the shot, and if you're like me you've probably seen it dozens upon dozens of times. But you know what I hadn't noticed until recently? How absolutely insane UConn's shorts looked, what with the anthropomorphic Jonathans dribbling basketballs on both sides. They're downright amazing and now they're available for sale thanks to Retro College Cut, a company serving the incredibly-niche market of making retro college basketball shorts. The price is a bit steep at $75, but can you really put a price on improving your Tate George imitation? I can't, which is why I'm going to be waiting patiently by my mailbox for the next week.