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Least redeemable man to ever exist has child

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I don't know if it's possible to impeach a sports fan, but if it is UConn fans better get their impeachin' boots on because Husky Nation might need to get rid of a member.

On the outside Shawn Moody would seem to be a fine, upstanding man. He's currently serving in the Navy and, at least until you UConn fans get their hands on him, was a fan of the Huskies. The only problem is that Moody has made three mistakes, and they're big ones. First: he married a Syracuse fan. Second: He's having a baby with that Syracuse fan. Third: He's letting his child be raised as a Syracuse fan. From

Crossman [the wife] and Moody were married on Aug. 7. While one cheers for the Orange and the other favors UConn, the couple has made some interesting concessions in what could be described as a sports-based pre-nup agreement.

Crossman said her husband agreed to let her raise their son as an Orange basketball fan. But Moody had his own conditions.

Crossman, a fan of the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Braves, had to agree that Moody could teach their son to be a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Boston Red Sox.

Awful. Just awful. Especially considering that no kid would ever want to root for the Dolphins or Braves. He gave away a dollar to get two pennies. Oof.

At the very least this should be a warning to the rest of the UConn fans out there: Do not associate with Syracuse fans. After all, if you do you might end up having sex with them, and having sex with a Syracuse fan puts you at risk of contracting the worst STD of all: another Syracuse fan.