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TheOpenThread: Buffalo Bulls vs. UConn Huskies

Join us to discuss today's game

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

What can we say about Buffalo, UConn's erstwhile quasi-rival that is going to make this game feel more exciting? I'm seriously asking because when you play the same MAC team year after year after year you tend to repeat yourself. Let's cut to the chase: UConn should win this game, and they should win it big. This is not Western Michigan, a team that was seemingly constructed to frustrate UConn (and its fans). Buffalo runs the type of conventional offense that UConn's defense should tear up, and it appears the Bulls are going to be without running back Branden Oliver, their best player. Plus, as we discovered last week Chandler Whitmer can throw when given the chance.

The game kicks off at noon on SNY and ESPN3. This is your OpenThread. Join us in the comments below and Go Huskies. Take it away Terry: