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Friends With Bennies: Bull Run and the Buffalo Bulls

We sit down with Tim from UB Bull run to talk about tomorrow's game

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Welcome back to our semi-regular feature Friends With Bennies, where we sit down with another blogger to talk about their team. Today we have Tim from Buffalo blog Bull Run to talk about Saturday's game with the Bulls. I also answered some questions for them, which I'll link to when they're posted.

TheUConnBlog: What's the latest on running back Branden Oliver? And what will it mean for the Bulls if he can't go?

Bull Run: Oliver was listed as day to day but has not practiced all week. Honestly if he was 90% I think most UB fans would still want him to get a bit more rest because Oliver is that important to this team. We've already lost our James Potts, our backup, so if we lose Oliver for the season it's time to fold up camp on the offense.

TUB: Walk me through the Bulls passing attack, what should UConn fans expect from Alex Zordich?

BR:Zordich is at his best when the Bulls have a running game you have to worry about. He uses play action well and moves around in the pocket. He has also shown he can hurt a defense running.

He does not have the arm strength to thread the needle so without a running game to freeze the defensive backs things become somewhat restricted. The Bulls are also down a receiver and struggling to find anyone to back up Alex Neutz.

TUB: Who are your defensive playmakers. What are the unit's strengths and weaknesses?

BR:Steven Means and Khalil Mack were the names most people thought of ocming into the season. On the other side of the defense Colby Way has been very effective at end.

The defense has several big play makers up front but it's not deep enough, especially in the secondary, to play well when not being carried by Mack, Means, and/or Way.

TUB: UConn has dominated the series with Buffalo, winning the last seven games. Is there a reason to think this one will be different?

BR:If we were not down two running backs, our starting full back, and our second best receiver I think the Bulls could have given UConn a run for your money.

But last week UB had their worst offensive game since the pre Gill era. I suspect that UB will not fare any better this year than we did last.

TUB: Give us a prediction for Saturday.

BR: I have UConn 31-14. Just too many of UB's offensive playmakers are gone.