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TheOpenThread: UConn Huskies vs. Western Michigan Broncos

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Sorry if I am a bit brief this morning, because this game certainly does not deserve it. The Huskies are out for revenge after Western Michigan demolished their defense last year and stole a game in Rentschler Field. Everyone who scored for WMU in that game is gone now, but QB Alex Carder, he of the 470 yards and five touchdown passes is still hanging around. Something tells me he won't do quite as well today facing a far more experienced secondary and Husky defense that is currently leading the nation in badassery.

I wouldn't call today's game a must-win -- that'd be silly this early in the season -- but it certainly is important. A win today combined with a romp over Buffalo next week will send the Huskies into Big East play sitting at a comfortable 4-1. That would put UConn in position to almost certainly become bowl eligible, plus they'd get the psychic benefit of being 4-1 with only a close loss to a solid N.C. State team spoiling their record. But they have to win today to get there, because no matter what your expectations are for this team being 3-2 with a loss to Western Michigan should be below them.

The game kicks off at 2 p.m., but in a rarity we're without TV coverage today so you're going to have to direct your browsers over to ESPN3. This is your OpenThread, join the discussion below and make sure to click through the jump for some fresh Terry Baltimore action.