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Nation's top recruit interested in UConn because of Kevin Ollie

Fantastic news out of Chicago today as Jabari Parker, Sports Illustrated cover boy and the nation's top recruit, has added UConn to his list of schools. Parker released a list of ten schools in July and UConn was not on it. But then something changed. And what would that something be? The hiring of Kevin Ollie:

"It was Jabari's decision," [Parker's father] said. "He's picking all the schools for the home visits. He's talked to coach Calhoun previously before. That's one of the schools that showed some interest to him. He's had conversations with them previously. Of course, coach Kevin Ollie came in, and (Jabari) wanted them for a home visit."

Look, making a recruit's list, especially one that is eleven schools long is not a reason to start dancing in the streets, but being specifically added to that list is a good sign -- especially for Ollie. Parker is apparently going to cut his list down to five in the coming weeks and then take official visits. If UConn makes that list then it will really be time to get excited.