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TheUConnBlog Pick'Em: Results and standings week three

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FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Fergy rose above the chaos to win this week's UConn Blog Pick 'Em. As a reward for being either absolutely brilliant or extremely lucky, he or she gets the $10 gift certificate. For the rest of us, remember, you can still get either (1) officially licensed UConn Huskies hoodies, jackets, t-shirts and more at the The UConn Blog licensed store, or (2) your very own custom tees at the The UConn Blog custom store. In exciting custom store news, we'll have our first shirt up there very shortly, and yes, it is escalator themed.

Fergy, e-mail me ( for instructions on how to claim your prize. If you don't respond within three business days, the rules require us to award the prize to the next person on the list.

[Creative/Witty Name] tied Fergy with his game picks, but unfortunately lost on tiebreakers. Derbyguy still has control over the overall top spot, though his lead is down to just one pick.

There is still a $50 gift certificate up for grabs to whoever finishes first for the entire season, so keep playing.

This week's top ten and the season top ten are below the jump. You can view the full standings at Yahoo!.

Week Three Top Ten
1. Fergy -- 14 points
1. [Creative/Witty Name] -- 14 points
3. UConn4ever -- 13 points
3. jcap90 -- 13 points
5. Doron Sheffer=huskyalloffame -- 12 points
5. Whitmer? I Hardly Know Her -- 12 points
5. Blidi-Wreh's -- 12 points
5. Team Hawkeyes -- 12 points
5. fcmonk presents The Winners. -- 12 points
5. gouconn13 -- 12 points
5. varsity haze -- 12 points
5. Pasqualoni Pasta Party -- 12 points

Overall Top Ten
1. derbyguy -- 42 points
2. Varsity Haze -- 41 points
3. Blidi-Wreh's -- 40 points
4. gouconn13 -- 38 points
4. Stix Love Dove -- 38 points
6. [Creative/Witty Name] -- 37 points
7. Fergy -- 34 points
7. UConn4ever -- 34 points
7. Victory is Mine! -- 34 points