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Report: Kevin Ollie will sign one-year contract as head coach, no interim label

There has been a flood of news in the hour since Jim Calhoun announced his retirement, but there seems to be some newfound clarity out of Storrs where it appears that Kevin Ollie will be named as UConn's next head coach tomorrow. However, that does not mean Ollie will be UConn's coach next year. His deal is reportedly only for one year, though it will not come with an "interim" tag, which Ollie had objected to. The Courant's Don Amore is reporting a similar arrangement.

Is there really any difference between a one-year contract and an interim contract? Only in form, but not in function as it seems incredibly unlikely that Ollie would have been replaced before the end of this season anyway. Still, the more permanent sounding title might help ease the fears of recruits, which would only be a good thing.