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Report: Jim Calhoun's retirement is imminent

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NBC Connecticut is reporting that Jim Calhoun plans to retire, possibly in the next day or so. The NBC report quoted Calhoun as saying nothing was official yet, but quoted a source saying that Calhoun was waiting to talk to his players before making an official announcement.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but by the looks of things and reports on twitter, Calhoun's career as UConn's basketball coach is probably going to end within the next 24 hours. There is no word on a replacement yet, but at this late date you can bet assistant Kevin Ollie will be the favorite.

Obviously we will have much more as this develops.

UPDATE 1 (5:30): And just like that reports come out that Ollie will be named UConn's interim coach, though it's unclear how athletic director Warde Manuel feels about that.