Randy Edsall Playa' Haters Club

This could be fun - please keep it clean and in good taste!

Randy Edsall couldn't recruit William "Refrigerator" Perry to Ben and Jerry's.

Randy Edsall's offenses are so predictable that he sold the playbook to Amtrak as a train schedule.

The last time Randy Edsall saw something with five stars it was a constellation in college astronomy class.

Randy Edsall's gravestone will read "First down, run off tackle, two yard gain"

Randy Edsall is the only coach who would do WORSE if he stole the other team's playbook.

I bet Randy Edsall misses the Big East so much he'll be calling the Big East game of the week for the Big East Network next year.

Maryland fans' like Jim Calhoun better than Randy Edsall (it's not funny, but probably true - especially bad if you consider how they feel about Rudy Gay).

(wow, it's hard to work "clean". I hope someone out there is a lot funnier than me).

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