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Shabazz Napier has foot surgery, should be fine by start of season

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Shabazz Napier had surgery on his right foot Friday in an effort to help repair a stress fracture. He'll wear a walking boot for a few weeks but is expected to make a full recovery in time for the start of practice.

If your first thought was, "hey, didn't Shabazz have a stress fracture in his right foot like nine months ago?" then you would be correct, as it was an injury in that foot that kept him from starting against Syracuse and limited him in the game where he hit a buzzer-beater against Villanova. Today's press release acknowledged that the injury had been bothering him for months (it was why he left the Puerto Rican national team), and doctors finally decided to operate after determining that their conservative treatment (i.e. no surgery and apparently limited stress on the foot) would not have him ready in time for the season.

Here is hoping the recovery goes smoothly because if UConn is going to succeed this year they are certainly going to need a healthy Napier.