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Terry Baltimore Cup Quarterfinals: Dave Teggart's BCS-clinching kick vs. Robbie Frey's Fiesta Bowl kick return

Welcome back to The Terry Baltimore Cup, a 12-play tournament to pick the best play in UConn football history. We've reached the semifinals where the four plays that got a first-round bye will have to defend themselves. We'll have two votes today and two tomorrow. Our second contest? Dave Teggart's BCS-clinching kick vs. Robbie Frey's kick return in the Fiesta Bowl. Click here to vote in today's first matchup. You have until 6 a.m. tomorrow to vote for your favorite.

Our first contestent is Dave Teggart's BCS-clinching kick. Here's what we wrote about it last week:

After a miserable 0-2 start in conference play, which featured a bad loss to Rutgers and an excruciating loss to Louisville, the Huskies went on a tear, winning their next four conference games and putting themselves in a position to clinch the Big East title and a trip to a BCS bowl with a win over USF in Tampa. The offense struggled all day (UConn's only touchdown was a Lawrence Wilson pick-six), but kicker Dave Teggart bailed the Huskies out again and again. He hit a 50-yard field goal in the fourth quarter to put UConn up 16-6, but when USF tied the game up late the Huskies needed to call on him one last time.

With 19 seconds on the clock Teggart lined up for a 52-yard field goal, which was a career-long distance. Fortunately for UConn fans he delivered what might be a career-best kick, drilling the ball straight down the center with power to spare. UConn had their title and their BCS bid, all thanks to Teggart's powerful leg.

Teggart's kick is taking on Robbie Frey's Fiesta Bowl kick return. Our description:

Getting to the Fiesta Bowl was a massive achievement for UConn, a program that was a mere 10 years removed from Division 1-AA football. What they did there? Eh, that's not as much of a highlight, with one key exception: Robbie Frey's lightning-speed kickoff return in the third quarter. UConn didn't have the fire power to matchup with Oklahoma for 60 minutes, but on this play Frey showed that the Huskies still had some fight in them. UConn would add a Dave Teggart field goal a few minutes later to make the score a respectable 34-20 at the end of the third quarter, but with the offense unable to get going Frey's runback became UConn's biggest highlight.