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Jim Calhoun hurt in bike accident, may have broken hip (UPDATED)

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Jim Calhoun's charity basketball all-star game is tonight, but unfortunately Calhoun won't be in attendance. Why? Because he broke his hip in a biking accident. That's right, another biking accident:

UConn fans will remember that this is not the first time Calhoun has had trouble staying up on his bike. In 2009 he hit a pothole while biking in a charity event. He broke five ribs in that incident, though followed it up by biking an extra 16 miles before heading to a hospital.

Here's hoping he gets well soon.

Update (5:30): The hip might not be broken:

Update 2 (6:10): Jeff Goodman from CBS is reporting that Calhoun might have surgery tonight:

Update 3 (6:20): And Kevin Duffy is now reporting that Calhoun is headed into surgery. That's not good: