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TheRoundUp 8/31: Defense leads the way in UMass rout

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UConn beats UMass 37-0 in renewal of rivalry -
Connecticut's defense dominated the game, holding UMass to just 59 yards of offense and limiting the Minutemen to three first downs. UMass did not have an offensive snap in UConn territory.

UMass no match for UConn in opener -
A highly partisan and joyous Huskies crowd of 35,270 departed into the night armed with the knowledge that the biggest gap on display between the two teams was speed.

Welcome To The Next Level UMass -
Smallwood brought the big wood on this night. The guy was running around like a rabid dog. First pass of the game by Mike Wegzyn, Smallwood got a hand on the ball. On the third possession, he sacked Wegzyn for an eight-yard loss. Through three quarters he had five unassisted tackles. Smallwood was ready for this one.

UConn wins season opener, beating UMass 37-0 - The Hour Publishing Company: Sports
The biggest disappointment for Pasqualoni was UConn’s three turnovers — two Whitmer interceptions and a fumbled handoff between McCummings and McCombs.

UCONN FOOTBALL NOTEBOOK: New Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco believes Big East will be player for long time to come
"These are things we will talk about as we go," Pasqualoni said. "I just think it makes a lot of sense from the geographic sense for our fans that drive down to Foxborough, they drive here to Rentschler Field, makes it an overall win-win for everybody."

Priorities for Big East boss are TV deal, 14th for football - Connecticut Post
"We'll look at a 14th," Aresco said before UConn's Thursday night's season opener at Rentschler Field. "I'm not talking about which ones, there are obvious candidates but we're not talking about raiding anyone. There are some independents, as you know, that might potentially want to (join), you just never know."

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco -
"I think [teams in the league will] stay," Aresco said. "I think they'll want to stay because we'll work hard to keep them here, we'll work hard to show them that this conference is a great conference, we'll work hard to get the kind of TV deal that provides the financial stability as well as the exposure ... We think everybody is committed to this conference."

The Day - Sorry, but Huskies just aren't interesting | News from southeastern Connecticut
UConn football needs a face. Someone around whom the fandom can rally and immediately identify with the program. Think what Kemba or Diana did for basketball or the constancy of Jim and Geno.