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UConn Football Preview 2012: Breaking down the schedule

How well can Yawin Smallwood and the rest of Don Brown's defense do this year?
How well can Yawin Smallwood and the rest of Don Brown's defense do this year?

Football is finally here so let's go on the record and project out the UConn schedule in the second year of the Paul Pasqualoni era. As I covered earlier I think that the defense is going to be stellar, but the massive amount of question marks on offense should give anyone pause. If the quarterback play is good, UConn will be very dangerous. If it's not it could be a long year. Let's break this thing down game by game, and leave your vote below.

Aug. 30 -- UConn vs. UMass
Hard to see anything but a win here. UMass struggled in FCS last year and they're breaking in a new coach. They should have a very hard time scoring on UConn's defense. Win.

Sep. 8 -- UConn vs. NC State
This is easily UConn's toughest OOC game. NC State was an impressive 8-5 last year and defeated Louisville in their bowl game. It's helpful to have it at home but a win might be out of reach. Loss.

Sep. 15 -- UConn @ Maryland
UConn isn't so much playing at Maryland as they are playing the burned and bruised corpse of what used to be the Maryland football program. Add in the chance for the upperclassmen to beat their own coach and I think UConn takes this easily. Win.

Sep. 22 -- UConn @ Western Michigan
Tougher than you might think, especially against senior quarterback Alex Carder. I think UConn's defense is up to the task but the offense might have to score more points than they're used to. Close win.

Sep. 29 -- UConn vs. Buffalo
Easy win. Sorry Buffalo.

Oct. 6 -- UConn @ Rutgers
I hate to pick this as a loss but UConn always, always struggles at Rutgers. Still, there are no guarantees that new coach Kyle Flood will be the Husky killer his predecessor was. Close loss.

Oct. 13 -- UConn vs. Temple
Temple has given UConn a hard time in the past, but they'll be down this year. Plus it's homecoming. Win.

Oct. 19 -- UConn @ Syracuse
Home or away UConn owns Syracuse. It'll also be Pasqualoni's only chance to beat his former school at his former school. Win.

Nov. 3 -- UConn @ USF
When you match UConn and USF up late in the season it tends to go well for the Huskies but I think this finally might be USF's year because, well, eventually they have to have a year right? Loss.

Nov. 9 -- UConn vs. Pitt
If you think I'm picking Pitt during a night game at the Rent you're crazy. They always lose those. Win.

Nov. 24 -- UConn @ Louisville
The Huskies will have two weeks to prepare but Louisville's talent will be too much. Loss.

Dec. 1 -- UConn vs. Cincinnati
I could see the season finale going either way, but what can I say, I believe in Chandler Whitmer and home field advantage. Win.

There you go folks, the final tally is an 8-4 season with a 4-3 Big East record. Not amazing, but certainly respectable. If you offered it to me today I'd definitely take it. What are your predictions? Vote below and leave more detailed thoughts in the comments.