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Welcome back to UConn sports: a UConnBlog primer

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

On March 15 UConn lost to Iowa State and the world of Husky sports become a lot less busy. Ten weeks later on May 26 the UConn baseball team was eliminated from the Big East tournament and UConn sports stopped. No longer. They're back. In fact, they've been back for about two weeks if you've been following the soccer programs. But starting at 7:30 tonight things will really get cooking with the return of football.

Tonight marks the start of our fourth FIFTH (!) season covering UConn, and while some of you may have been with us that whole time (hi mom!) much more of you haven't so here's a quick primer on the site and how we do things.

What is this site?

TheUConnBlog, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Who are you?

A UConn alum and lifelong fan who is currently located in Chicago. If you scroll all the way down you'll see that I'm sometimes joined by three other writers: Kevin, Justin and CJ. They do not write as often as me, but when they do write they usually do a much better job than I do so keep your eye out for them.

How do you cover a team in Connecticut from Chicago?

Good question. We don't do day-to-day reporting like you'll find in any Connecticut's oversupply of newspapers. We track that reporting and every morning provide links of what's worth reading, but that's not our bread and butter. Rather, we focus on two things: opinion and giving the fan a voice.

Giving the fan a voice?

You bet. Unlike some other sites you might visit, SB Nation has what I honestly believe is the best commenting system on the web. It's super easy to use, threads your discussions and updates in real time. We take the most advantage of it during our OpenThread's, which are posted for each football and basketball game. A lot of you might be headed to Rentschler Field tonight to watch the game, everyone else should be headed to our OpenThread to discuss it. It's the most fun you can have watching UConn on your couch. The bar on the right side of the home screen also lets you add FanShots (quick links, videos or pictures you want to share) or FanPosts (in case you have something you want to write about). Those hang out on the right side of the screen, though if you publish a good fanshot or fanpost it'll get promoted into the main story stream.

Is there anywhere else I should follow you?

Yes. We're extremely active on Twitter where you'll find links to all our posts, lots of smaller news that does not merit its own post and a truckload of Syracuse jokes.

We're also going to be far more active on our Facebook page this year, so be sure to follow that.

What if I want to get involved?

Awesome. We'd love to have you. Make an account an jump in the comments -- tonight's OpenThread is a perfect time to introduce yourself if you've been lurking for a bit. Also, if you're looking to do something more substantial you should drop me a line and let me know, as we're interested in adding some new writers.

As always, thanks everyone for reading, I can't believe we've made it four years now. We appreciate your support. Go Huskies.