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Terry Baltimore Cup Opening Round Matchup No. 4: Robbie Frey can fly vs. Lawrence Wilson's win-sealing pick

For the next week we will be hosting The Terry Baltimore Cup, a 12-play tournament to pick the best play in UConn football history. Today, we have our fourth opening round matchup. The winner of this will contest will take on Dave Teggart's BCS-clinching kick in next week's quarterfinals. You have until 6 a.m. on Monday to vote for your favorite.

The Date: January 1, 2011

The Game: UConn vs. Oklahoma

The Play: Getting to the Fiesta Bowl was a massive achievement for UConn, a program that was a mere 10 years removed from Division 1-AA football. What they did there? Eh, that's not as much of a highlight, with one key exception: Robbie Frey's lightning-speed kickoff return in the third quarter. UConn didn't have the fire power to matchup with Oklahoma for 60 minutes, but on this play Frey showed that the Huskies still had some fight in them. UConn would add a Dave Teggart field goal a few minutes later to make the score a respectable 34-20 at the end of the third quarter, but with the offense unable to get going Frey's runback became UConn's biggest highlight.

The Date: September 26, 2008

The Game: UConn vs. Louisville

The Play: You may not remember Lawrence Wilson's game-sealing touchdown, but when it happened it was a big deal for the Huskies. The Huskies, who were looking to open up the 2008 season by going 5-0 gave up an early lead and trailed the Cardinals for the entirety of the second half -- that is until Wilson stepped in. With one timeout remaining and under three minutes on the clock UConn's defense forced Louisville into a crucial 3rd-and-seven. The Huskies trailed by one and if the Cardinals had converted it would have all but assured a UConn loss. Even if they Cardinals had settled for a third-down run it would have meant trouble since the run-based UConn attack would have struggled to score quickly. But that's not what happened. Steve Kragthorpe (man do I miss him) gambled big and trusted quarterback Hunter Cantwell to seal the game. He didn't. Lawrence Wilson jumped in front of Cantwell's pass and took it 45 yards to the endzone, giving the Huskies their fifth straight win and vaulting them into the Top 25 for the second straight season.