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Olympics 2012: UConn's Melissa Gonzalez defends America


We have done a bit of globe trotting in the past couple of days, stopping by Suriname and Canada to recognize some former Huskies who'll be competing in London. However, no travel will be necessary because we're bringing it back home to the US of A to recognize Melissa Gonzalez, a defender on the US Field Hockey Team. Gonzalez has been a member of the US National Team since 2010, her last year playing for the Huskies, and she'll be starting in London.

She compiled a massive list of achievements while at UConn, earning First Team All American honors as a senior and grabbing the Big East Defensive Player of the Year crown in both of her junior and senior seasons. She was a member of the All Big East First Team as a sophomore, and made the second team as a freshman. So yeah, she's nasty.

The US team is competing in Group B at the Olympics, and will start off with a game against Germany on Sunday at 4:15 if you're looking to check out Gonzalez. A medal is no guarantee (the United States has only medaled once in field hockey, grabbing a bronze in 1984), but the women did beat world No. 1 Argentina to win the Pan-American games in 2011, so they'll definitely be competitive.