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Olympics 2012: Husky fans should get ready to root for Suriname

The video up above will get you acquainted with Suriname and that's important. Why? Because Suriname is about to become the Olympic nation you root for that is not the United States, and it's all because of UConn sophome Chinyere Pigot.

You see, Pigot just finished up her freshman year on the UConn swim team and she's going to be spending her summer break representing Suriname at the Olympics in the 50m freestyle. Not just representing either, as Pigot has been selected as Suriname's flag-bearer during the Opening Ceremony, so if you're watching closely you'll be able to spot her during Friday's festivities.

Pigot had a great freshman year at UConn, earning All-Big East honors and setting UConn records in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle. This isn't her first Olympics either, she competed in Beijing as a 15-year-old. UConn fans should also make sure to keep their eyes peeled for her brother Digot Pigot. Not only does he have an awesome name, but he's also an incoming UConn freshman. He'll be competing in the 100-meter breaststroke.