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UConn targets Penn St.'s roster in the wake of NCAA sanctions

It may feel a bit unseemly, but it should be no surprise that coaches from around the country are descending on Penn St. to try to pick whatever they can off of the program's carcass after yesterday's massive NCAA sanctions. Just about everyone will at least give the PSU roster a look, but with UConn's geographic proximity it makes sense for Paul Pasqualoni to dive right in and so he has.

The Courant's Desmond Conner is reporting that the Huskies have interest in several players, especially a pair of nutmeggers:

Golden (seen in this delightful signing day photo) visited UConn as a recruit, and has apparently also drawn interest from Iowa, who also recruited him.

We'll have more stuff on this as it develops and you should be sure to keep an eye on SB Nation's story stream tracking the PSU transfer story. Make sure you're also plugged into Conner's twitter feed as he is all over this story.