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Surprise! UConn's best olympic moments involve women's basketball

Maya Moore has traded in her national flag blue for national flag red. Joe Toth-US PRESSWIRE
Maya Moore has traded in her national flag blue for national flag red. Joe Toth-US PRESSWIRE

Since the mid-1980s, and especially since the breakup of the Soviet Union the United States has absolutely dominated women's basketball at the Olympics.* This should come as no surprise, and it should be even less surprising that since UConn's ascendence in the mid-1990s Huskies have had a significant presence on Team USA's roster.

The Huskies have been represented on every American squad since 1996 and I'll only note that it's probably not a coincidence that America has won every women's basketball gold medal since 1996.

This year the Storrs-influence will be seen more than ever. Geno Auriemma will be coaching the olympic squad for the first time (he was an assistant coach in 2000) and luckily for him the roster will be mighty familiar. A whopping six of the 12 roster spots have been filled by former Huskies. Sue Bird will be making her third olympic appearance, and is being joined by classmate Swin Cash, who is coming back after being a member of the 2004 squad. Diana Taurasi is also back for her second third time and Tina Charles, Maya Moore and Asjha Jones will all be making their first appearances.

Obviously there are no guarantees in sports, but I'd bet a whole lot that Geno and his crew of former Huskies will be celebrating a gold medal in two weeks. But I have a bigger concern than that.

You see, UConn not only has six players on the team, but they also have all five positions covered, so the real question is this: how long will Auriemma resist the urge to trot out an all-Husky lineup? Because I really want to see that.

*The one exception? 1992, when the women's gold medal was one by the "unified team" which featured athletes from 12 of the former 15 Soviet republics. Life was weird in the early 90s.

**This asterix doesn't refer to anything but I figured this would be my best place to note that UConn's women's track and field team has exactly one olympian alum. It wasn't a summer olympian though as this (currently anonymous because Google failed me) athlete competed in the women's bobsled, which is pretty badass.

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