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NCAA blocks UConn's last chance to escape tournament ban

It's official: the UConn men will not be eligible for the 2013 postseason. The Huskies have known there were on the outs for months now, but today the NCAA erased the team's last chance, refusing to change the retroactive rule that will ban the Huskies because they failed to achieve a high enough APR score from 2008 through 2011.

This isn't a shock, but it's certainly dissapointing for any UConn fans who were still holding out hope. Walt Harrison, the presiddent of the University of Hartford and chair of the NCAA's Committee on Academic Performance released the following statement:

"These policies were originally devised after considering several important conditions and objectives that are desired in the Division I Academic Performance Program (APP), as listed below.

1. Penalty decisions should be based on a body of data sufficient to support valid decisions;

2. Procedures should provide adequate time for a fair and deliberate process that ensures that data are correct and all waiver requests put forward by a school are given thorough review;

3. Data used in making decisions on penalties or eligibility for postseason competition should be as close as practicable in time to the implementation of those decisions; and

4. Procedures should enable consideration of student-athletes’ interests in transferring if their own academic performances have been strong and they are in their last season of eligibility.

"After discussion over several meetings, the committee concluded the current process is effective and achieves a careful and appropriate balance among these factors. We expect to continue with these policies and procedures in the future."