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You thought Syracuse's underwear was cool? Well here's your official UConn Huskies thong

This is the last clothes post, I swear.*

Earlier today I made a crack about the Syracuse-branded underwear, and deservingly so, because it'd make even the most attractive woman remind you of Otto, and no one needs that. But that mocking led to friend of the blog Nikole informing me that UConn has its own line of underwear, and unlike the garish nightmare that the Orange are hocking, these little numbers come with a one-way ticket to sexy-town**:


There's a pair of matching bottoms too, which you can find below the jump. But that's not all, as UConn apparently decided that their online store can handle something just a bit more revealing and went all-in to create a UConn Huskies Thong. I'll note here that what's below the jump could very well be NSFW, depending on how welcoming your workplace is of pictures of women wearing lingerie.

Here's your matching bottom:


And if you're looking for just a bit more pizazz, here's your official UConn Huskies Thong:


Note that rhinestone "C", and while you're doing so try to keep the images of Randy Edsall and Paul Pasqualoni out of your head. And good luck with that too, as now you're all thinking of Coach P and don't try to pretend that you're not.

*For at least like a week. Probably.

** I am fully aware that I might be the only person who would buy a ticket on a UConn-sponsored train to sexy-town.