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Drummond, Lamb become the two newest Huskies in the NBA

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The list of UConn players in the NBA has two more names on it today after Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb were selected in last night's draft. Drummond, who saw his stock dip over the last month, was selected ninth by the Detroit Pistons. Lamb followed shortly thereafter, going 12th to the Houston Rockets.

I've been perusing the Pistons' and Rockets' SBN sites today to check out the fan reaction. Pistons fans seem pretty split on Drummond and the word "bust" is getting thrown around more than it probably should. Rockets fans, on the other hand, seem pleased with the Lamb pick.

Personally, I feel better about the future for these two than I have about any Husky since Rudy Gay. Drummond obviously needs to develop his offensive game, but his size, athleticism and defensive ability will buy him the time to do that. Hopefully Detroit brings in someone (ideally an old pro) who can mentor him. As for Lamb? I think he'll do quite well in any environment that doesn't ask him to be the number one guy. He's an absolute killer from mid-range when all he has to focus on is his shot.

How do you feel about the picks? Are you happy with their landing spots? Should they have gone higher? Lower? And how will their careers shape up? Leave your thoughts in the comments.