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My favorite UConn highlight: CARDIAC KEMBA

It takes a lot to surpass Ray Allen in my book. He is my favorite player of all time and a childhood hero, so if you told me he ate breakfast than anyone else, I'd be inclined to believe it. That means you have to do something really special to beat an end-of-game circus shot in the Big East Tournament.

It takes a lot to pass Khalid El-Amin too, especially when he does things like help UConn score five points in nine seconds and then taunt the opponent.

And, of course, it takes a massive amount to beat Trajan Langdon tripping on a floor in Tampa.

Yet in the Spring of 2011 Kemba Walker passed all of these people by when he continued a storied UConn tradition of breaking Pitt's heart in the Big East Tournament and shattered Gary McGhee's ankles and really got UConn's 11-game tournament run rolling. I wish there was something big or insightful I could write about it, but there's really not. Instead, I'm just going to watch the above video again and again and again, because it's absolutely, positively, 100 percent perfect.

Do you disagree with me about UConn's best highlight? That's fine, the Huskies have a lot (and there are even a few football ones I didn't get to). Share your pick in the comments.