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Roscoe Smith is trying to get a waiver to play next year

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Former UConn forward Roscoe Smith, is seeking a waiver from the NCAA to play next year, which, if granted, would change the NCAA's policy of granting waivers for students only when their former school is ineligible for the postseason for the remainder of their eligibility. UConn is apparently watching the appeal closely, and is understandably concerned that if it was granted it might decimate the school's roster for next year.

Now, I'm not going to lose my mind about this yet -- the NCAA has not said anything and I have a hard time believing they would alter their policy -- but if Smith gets a waiver it would be the biggest joke move the NCAA has made with regard to UConn, and they've made a lot. I may disagree with the NCAA's decision to ban UConn from next year's tournament, but at least I understand the reasoning behind it. That's not the case here.

Smith didn't leave UConn because he was upset about missing the postseason. Smith left because he wants to follow his dream of playing small forward, and UConn wanted him to play as an undersized power forward, which is how his skillset fits best in UConn's system.

I have no problem with Roscoe leaving -- I was sad to see him go, but I wish him well and I hope everything works out for him in Vegas. However, the transfer rules are in place for a reason: they keep college sports from having its own version of free agency. They need to be followed.