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Wir haben viel von Deutschen: Leon Tolksdorf commits to UConn

We kid because we love, and we better love because an extremely large percentage of UConn's roster next year is going to be made up of Germans thanks to the arrival of Leon Tolksdorf, a 6'8" forward who will presumably be playing the role of Roscoe Smith on the 2012-13 UConn Huskies. Tolksdorf with be joining fellow countrymen Niels Giffey and Enosch Wolf, and will help give the Huskies some much needed size in the front court.

If you're anything like me, you'd never heard of Tolksdorf until a few hours ago, but two videos on YouTube seem to indicate he'll be at a combo-forward and has at least some promise. It's not immediatley clear to me where he played last year, but wherever it was he apparently averaged 17 ppg and 12.4 rebounds per game. If he can put up even a third of those numbers next year he'll be a success. The first is below, the second is after the jump.