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Alex Oriakhi's father calls for Jim Calhoun to be fired

Alex Oriakhi is one of the most sought after transfers of this offseason. You could even say he is one of the most sought after transfers of all time, and not without reason. He's got experience, he's shown he can play on a big stage and he likely won't have to sit out a year when he transfers. That's why schools like Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri are all trying to land him.

But there's a problem with Oriakhi that fans of those teams should probably be aware of: he's a package deal, and the other part of the package is his Alex Oriakhi Sr., his outspoken father who posted this on the Hartford Courant's website early this morning (sic'd and the emphasis is mine):

The point here is Uconn is in violation of NCAA rule book. Nobody is above the law. Is unfortunate innocent kids got caught up in this debacle. Without political correctness lets lay this blame squarely were it belongs. The coaching staffs dropped the ball. What is so hard to face reality. No one is bigger the Uconn as far as I am concerned. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner. A lot of these coaches not only Calhoun cheat their way to fame & fortune. Is a abt time they face the music. In every job I know of in America u break the rule u are gone no matter how highly placed u are. I have no qualm in calling on the ad to relieve Calhoun of this position.

So yeah, there's that.

Look, Oriakhi's father is certainly entitled to his opinion (he was commenting on a column about UConn's APR appeal denial), and he's far from the only person that believes that UConn deserves everything that is coming to them. But there are better ways to go about expressing that opinion.

I'll also point out that a few weeks ago Oriakhi Sr. tweeted about coaches with a "slavemaster mentality." At the time he denied that tweet was a reference to Jim Calhoun, but that sentiment logic seems reminiscent of this sentence: "Everyday for the thief one day for the owner."