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Congratulations to our Bracket Challenge winner

With the end of the NCAA Tournament comes the end of that other most celebrated American tradition, trying to win money and or prizes on the NCAA Tournament. We here at TheUConnBlog are no stranger to the siren song of a bracket pool, so we were happy to host one this year and let you see just how poorly I could do.

The answer to that? Quite poorly. I finished in 49th place, and worse than that I was beaten by not one, not two, not three but FOUR people who picked UConn as the national champion. Yeesh. Credit is certainly do to both Jimmys Quest and STILL National Champs who both put up an impressive 81 points with UConn as their national champion -- the best performance of anyone with that pick.

The real credit though goes to user bri bri, who picked five of the Elite 8 teams, turned that into three Final Four picks and nailed the Kentucky over Kansas championship game. That was good for 123 points and a narrow one point win over The Columnist.

Beyond the ever important bragging rights, Bri Bri's prize is a glorious one -- the right to both pick the blog's motto for a day, and if they so desire, to write a guest post of their choosing. Shoot me an e-mail to claim it.

Thanks for playing everybody. If you want to check out the full results you can see them here.