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TheFinalFourOpenThread: UConn vs. Notre Dame

Bring it.
Bring it.

I haven't had the opportunity to watch a lot of the UConn women this year, which means that in no way can I offer you any sort of analysis or insight into tonight's matchup with Notre Dame, which marks the fourth time the teams will meet this year. What I can tell you is that the Irish are 2-1 against the Huskies and have fared better against UConn this year than just about any Big East opponent in the last two decades.

I'm not sure if you could claim either team is a favorite, but if you had to pick one, I think a lot of experts would pick the Irish. That puts the Huskies in a weird spot -- this is their fifth straight Final Four and they're not used to being underdogs when they get there. It'll be interesting to see how they react.

The game tips at 6:30 on ESPN. This is your OpenThread. Join the discussion below. Go Huskies.