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We're up for three awards, so vote early and vote often

I didn't get into this blog game for awards or recognition. I got into it for money and female attention. Unfortunately for me, those last two didn't pan out, so now I'm gunning for the awards. To wit: The Hartford Courant is holding its "Websters" compeition to recognize the top blogs in Connecticut. We're up for three awards, "Best Overall Blog," "Best Sports Blog" and "Best UConn Blog." Sadly we didn't get our desired nominations for food or parenting blogs (or social media for that matter), but apparently the rules limit us to three categories, so that explains that.

What I need you to do now is vote, and vote a lot. You can vote here, and you can vote up to ten times today and ten times tomorrow (the last day of the contest). Additionally, retweet this post and like it on facebook, telling everyone you know to vote ten times today and ten times tomorrow. With your help we can prove to Connecticut that this website is indeed the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks.