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TheOpenThread: All-purpose NCAA Tournament Saturday

So many things happening today.

  • From the UConn perspective, the women's basketball team opens up its annual march to the Final Four with a contest against hopelessly overmatched Prairie View A&M today in Bridgeport at ~1:40. We might have to break out the ol' "spot the other team 40 points from the opening tip" chestnut in the thread. This isn't a vintage UConn women's team - they arguably aren't even a lock to make their fifth straight Final Four - but today ought to be a nice, easy exhibition.
  • Elsewhere, the men's tournament marches on with the Round of 32, and there are some good-ass games on this St. Paddy's Day, though the staggered start times mean that only two of the eight games tips before 5:00. Syracuse and Kansas State kick it off at 12:15, followed by Ohio State-Gonzaga, then a flood of games the rest of the night (including UConn's conquerers, Iowa State, against Kentucky just after 7).
  • Are your brackets screwed? You're not alone! Through the first two days of TheUConnBlog's 2012 bracket pool, your early leader is CTHusky84, who went 25-7 in the first round. CTHusky84 also still has 14 Sweet 16 teams alive, as well as his entire Elite Eight. But no one is really that far off, and our reader-base is homerish enough that the few who didn't pick UConn to win it all are still in decent shape.
  • Speaking of the bracket pool, Derbyguy took the initiative on TheUConnBlog Bracket Challenge Best Name Tournament over in the FanPosts. So check them out and vote: here, here, here and here.

There's also an NIT game on ESPN between Seton Hall and UMass (so far, notable only for the intimation by ESPN announcer Dave Sims that UConn will no longer be playing at the XL Center(?????).) No idea if that's true or not, but hey, this just proves you never know where breaking news will come from.

So feel free to use this as your all-purpose thread throughout the day.

Let's go Wildcats.