TheUConnBlog Bracket Challenge Bracket Name Tournament

The first round is complete!! It's been a pretty chalky tournament so far with only 7 upsets, four of those were 9's over 8's.

I expect there to be a lot more in the second round.

First 4 games of the second round:

True Fans 3 vs. 6

True Fans 2 vs. 7

Traitors 2 vs. 10

The Remaining Kansas 1 vs. 9

Now that our beloved Huskies have unfortunately bowed out of the tournament we need something to occupy ourselves. Sure that tournament thing is still going on, but I've come up with a more interesting one to follow.

Porter encouraged silly bracket names in the first post promoting TheUConnBlog pool and you all delivered, well mostly. Now it's time to determine the best of them.

After the jump is the updated bracket, a few comments, and how we are going to go about determining the champ.

Note: Dates aren't going to be correct.


Larger version here.

  • There were 74 bracket names, however, Uconn Hooskies did not submit a bracket, so this bracket name was left out of the tournament.
  • I've split the teams out into four regions
  • True Fans - Anyone who had Connecticut as the repeat Champion plus a few people who had UConn going deep and beating at least Kentucky.
  • Traitors - Anyone that had an ACC team winning the title, plus all the people who had UConn losing to Iowa State.
  • Too much ACC - Of those that weren't in the first two regions, anyone that had at least one ACC team in the Final Four
  • The Remaining Kansas - Of those left, all of these brackets had Kansas in the Final Four.
  • Anthony's Little Caterpillar and Rudy Gay & Cardonnay didn't fit any of the above criteria so they got moved around to balance out the Regions.

My expert committee then ranked the names in each of the brackets. If you have any complaints, please refer them to Hathaway.

As I'm sure you noticed, we had more than 64 bracket names, so there is a play in game for each region.

The plan to determine the champ will be through the lovely polling option SBNation provides us. I will post up a few polls and then that is where you all come in good readers. After a certain amount of time, I will close the polls down delete those FanPosts and put up the next batch of games. This FanPost will remain and I will update the bracket as games finish up.