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UConn receives nine seed, will face Iowa St. with Kentucky looming

The selection committee has spoken and they've said everything UConn fans did not want to hear: the Huskies are the nine seed in the South region, where they'll face a dangerous Iowa St. team with Kentucky, the tournament's overall No. 1 seed, waiting in the second round.

I'll admit I know next to nothing about Iowa St. The two things I've been able to figure out so far? One, they're short -- they have one player over 6'9" and he plays less than 10 minutes per game. And two? KenPom likes them, rating them 30th overall (UConn is 35th), with a balance attack. The run the 29th most efficient offense in the nation and the 49th most efficient defense.

If UConn can beat Iowa St., and that's far from guaranteed, their reward will be a matchup with Kentucky, and if that wasn't enough, the game will be in Louisville and NCAA road games rarely end well.

But hey, UConn's in, and like everyone else they're now six wins away from a national title. It's hard to ask for more than that, especially considering the bubble outlook of this team two or three weeks ago.

Over the coming days we'll have more info on Iowa St. for you, as well as our annual UConnBlog bracket challenge, so stay tuned.

Here is the full NCAA Tournament Bracket.