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Jim Calhoun will be back, but not by Saturday

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Jim Calhoun has beaten cancer three times. Once, during a bike race, he hit a pothole, flipped over his handlebars, broke some ribs and responded by getting back on his bike and finishing the race. To date, he has returned not one dime of his salary to the state of Connecticut, because he'd like to retire one day. The point is, Jim Calhoun "doesn't get defeated by things," and spinal stenosis is on the list of things he will not get defeated by, according to a report from Andy Katz:

"There's no question [I'll be back]," Calhoun said by phone. "I've talked to the people at UConn and president (Susan) Herbst. I just want to get a resolution on my back."

However, he will not be back in time for Saturday's game at Syracuse, meaning the Huskies will once again be in the hands of George "what's a timeout" Blaney. That might not bode well since Syracuse is, you know, good, but Blaney does have experience beating top five teams when filling in for Calhoun -- two years ago he led UConn to a win over then-No. 1 Texas. And no, I don't remember how that season ended, why do you ask?