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TheOpenThread: Seton Hall vs. UConn

It has now been three weeks since UConn's last win. The team is coming off the second-worst three-game stretch of the Calhoun era and the worst in 15 years. Jim Calhoun is on indefinite leave of medical absence, might need surgery, and might not return this year. UConn is in good position to win today -- Seton Hall has also lost its last five games and will be playing without star forward Herb Pope -- but with a road game at Louisville on Monday, followed up with a trip to Syracuse, UConn is still in a lot of trouble. Things, as they say, look bleak.

And yet, I have hope. Not for any rational reason -- the Huskies have played terrible basketball over the last three weeks, especially offensively, and their defense has never been something to write home about -- but its there. I just can't believe a team with this much talent is this bad. That might be is the homer in me talking, but I don't care, because if I'm going to come within spitting distance of a good mood in the next two months, I need to at least think this team can win.

UConn is trying out a new lineup again today, which I suspect will cause at least some rejoicing. For the first time Ryan Boatright, Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb will start together, and they'll be joined by Andre Drummond and theoretical zone-buster Tyler Olander. And hey, it's not like this lineup can play worse than Wednesday's.

The game tips at noon on SNY and ESPN3. Join the discussion below and go Huskies.