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TheOpenThread: UConn vs. Providence

So much of our perception in sports is based on timing. Take for instance the Elite 8. Meacham, who became a UConn fan around 2005, sees Elite 8 games as fun exciting adventure that usually ends up with UConn going to the Final Four. Me? I think about the Elite 8 as a nausea inducing dread machine because the early years of UConn's success scarred me so badly.

We have a similar difference when it comes to Providence. In Meacham's eyes the Friars are an annoyingly troublesome team that UConn is only able to beat when they're going to the Final Four. Whereas I see them as a bottom-feeder that resides in the Big East sub-basement with Seton Hall. Meacham's view, as usual, is probably more accurate. The Friars have been a pain in UConn's ass over the last several years and though UConn should destroy them tonight (Ken Pom has them 117th in the country and they've won only two games in the past six weeks) they always cause more trouble then they are worth.

Hopefully that won't be the case this evening, because if UConn loses it'll once again send their NCAA tournament hopes back to a very unsteady bubble. But, should the Huskies survive and advance things will be looking good -- Jim Calhoun might be back for a senior-less senior day on Saturday, UConn will be hosting a down Pitt team at Gampel and we'll be back to the glorious month of March.

The game tonight tips at 7 on SNY and ESPN3. This is your OpenThread, leave your comments below. Go Huskies.