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NCAA grants Louisiana-Monroe waiver for 2013 NCAA tournament

A little over a month ago, UConn applied to the NCAA for a waiver of the men's basketball program's APR ban from the 2013 NCAA tournament. The application highlighted UConn's large turnaround in academic performance, outlined steps the school would take to make sure that turnaround continued, and spoke of plans to limit competition and practice in order to create more study time. And then, about two weeks ago the NCAA rejected that waiver application.

Another school with APR problems is the University of Louisiana-Monroe. The Warhawks basketball team was also banned from the 2013 NCAA tournament and like UConn, the school applied for a waiver. In its application ULM outlined its academic turnaround, outlined steps it had taken to make sure the turnaround continued and talked about reduced practice and competition time that would go to academics. And then, today, the NCAA approved ULM's waiver.

There are differences between the Warhawks and the Huskies -- the biggest being that ULM was also banned from this year's NCAA tournament -- but read this paragraph from ULM's release and tell me it doesn't sound exactly like a description of UConn:

Academic improvements during the current academic year, the school's meeting the conditions it set forth during the historical penalty review last year and the men's basketball team not being eligible for postseason competition during the 2011-12 season all contributed to the approval of the waiver. In its approval, the NCAA specifically cited ULM's recently revised academic improvement plan and successful implementation of the plan. ULM's waiver to the NCAA includes limited practice and competition periods and academic support initiatives to offset the lessened time on the court.

Good work NCAA.