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Shabazz Napier unlikely to start against Syracuse and other programming notes

The big news out of Gampel today is that Shabazz Napier is unlikely to start against Syracuse tomorrow. Napier, who was doubtful until minutes before last Monday's game against Villanova, has practiced all week but is bothered by an injured foot. Still, he played 30 of 45 minutes on Monday so you should expect to see plenty of him against the Orange.

I would imagine that if Napier starts out on the bench that UConn will once again start a lineup of Ryan Boatright, Jeremy Lamb, Roscoe Smith, Alex Oriakhi and Andre Drummond. Smith certainly earned another chance to start after a very good performance on Monday.

Gampel Pavilion is currently undergoing setup for Gameday and students have been allowed to set up tents for the last half hour or so. Gameday itself starts at 10 a.m. on ESPNU before switching to ESPN at 11. I'll put an OpenThread up, mostly to comment on funny signs and Digger Phelps mispronouncing Shabazz Napier, so join us for that. The game itself starts at 9 p.m. and tickets are super expensive, so assuming you're not inside the building expect to join us here to discuss the game. It should be a good one.