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Surprise: Rudy Gay to be inducted to Huskies of Honor tomorrow night

Come tomorrow night Rudy Gay will be the newest member of the Huskies of Honor. The induction, which was announced on the facebook page for UConn Huskies about an hour ago, is a surprise, if only because of the short notice. UConn has long maintained that it wanted to induct more of its NBA alums, but has always had trouble because of scheduling conflicts. It's All-Star weekend and Gay did not get invited to Orlando this year, so he should be able to make the trip.

I imagine that the choice will be controversial for some UConn fans, but I don't have a problem with it. Gay was a first-team All-American during his sophomore year and one hell of a player, even if he did have some bouts with inconsistency. He'll always be tarred with the George Mason game, but he was the best player on the floor for UConn in that game.

Also of note: Rudy Gay went 4-0 against Syracuse during the regular season in his time at UConn.

Finally, per UConn's Kyle Muncy, Ben Gordon and Caron Butler are also due to be inducted. They could not make it this weekend, but their names will be added next year: