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UConn receives $3 million donation for new soccer stadium

I have run this blog for three and a half years. During the first three, Jeff Hathaway was UConn's athletic director and I did not have to write a single story about UConn getting multi-million dollar donations to bolster its athletic programs. In the six months since Paul Pendergast (and now Warde Manuel) took the reigns I can't stop writing the damn things.

UConn announced today that an anonymous former student athlete has pledged a $3 million donation to build a new soccer stadium on campus. The first million dollars are an outright gift and the balance will be given to the school over the next five years.

It's not clear exactly what form a new stadium will take so for now the money is being directed to something called the "Morrone Stadium Enhancement Fund," but it couldn't be going to support a more passionate group of fans. Here's hoping they do something extra special for the goal patrol.

No dates have been set on the project, but this donation brings fundraising for it up to $4.5 million. Between this and the new basketball facility Stadium Rd. is about to undergo a whole lot of wonderful construction.