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Jonathan the Husky takes a dark turn, might be a serial killer

About five years ago I wrote a series of stories on the history of Jonathan, UConn's mascot. One of the things that was stressed to me at the time was that UConn went to great lengths to make Jonathan seem as family friendly and lovable as possible. Based on the above video I have to assume that policy is no longer in place.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for displaying violence against oranges as a way to pump people up for Saturday's gameday matchup with Syracuse, but this is a little dark, no? Maybe its the menacing sharpening of the knives, or the rhythmic thumping of the blade, but it's unsettling. The only thing missing is Otto's screaming face painted on one of the oranges. It also does not help that there is no music. What's the problem? Did the promotions department run out of Kanye tracks already?