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Frustrated Tyler Olander lashes out on twitter

UConn's recent woes have frustrated fans, who have taken to various corners of the Internet (including this site) to express their frustration. They're not the only ones frustrated though, as UConn's sophomore forward Tyler Olander showed today in a twitter outburst. The tweets have since been deleted, along with Olander's twitter account, but this thread on The Boneyard has them.

The original tweet, which was an @ message to Alex Oriakhi said:

Through this losing stretch weve had all Ive come to learn is #huskynation is smaller then i thought #fakeassfans

However, he did follow that up with this message:

That last tweet was at the people who were there last year but not now, trust me we know and love and respect true fans #throughthicknthin

And of course, I'd be remiss if I did not mention that twitter outbursts have become a regular feature of the 2011-12 Husky squad.