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TheOpenThread: UConn vs. Syracuse

Yesterday's news wasn't good, but let's not dwell on that here because UConn has a date with some traitorous bastards in the snowbound hellscape known as Syracuse, New York. Things haven't been cheery around here at late, far from it in fact, but that could all change with a win today.

The more I think about it, the more willing I am to buy into a "Everyone on UConn got cold all at once" theory. Am I grasping at straws? Maybe, but according to KenPom's efficiency numbers UConn's defense has actually improved over this interminable cold snap and I simply refuse to believe a player as talented as Jeremy Lamb is going to shoot 21% from 3 (5-23 in his last three games) forever. And Shabazz, well Shabazz always took dumb shots, but he used to hit some of them, so hopefully that comes back. As for Andre Drummond, well you have to figure he'll get under the hoop at some point, if only by accident.

The point is that this team, as incredibly frustrating as it has been to watch, still has oceans of talent, and I, for some reason unknown to myself, still have hope.

Today is big, not only to shake off the distractions of the past week, but also to give Syracuse a much deserved what-for. All 32,000 residents of Syracuse are going to be at the game today, and there is a decent chance it could be UConn's last ever visit to the Carrier Dome, so it'd be nice to leave with a win.

The game tips at 1 on CBS from the Carrier Dome. CBS has TV coverage, and we'll be having fun down in the comments. I'm also doing my best to troll anything and everything Syracuse on twitter, so check in there for some fun. Let's go Huskies.