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Here's a list of everything bad about UConn sports in 2012

This was an awful year. Probably worse than you remember. Let's recap!

Jared Wickerham

If you missed the link on our front page, SB Nation is wrapping up the year by counting down the 16 fanbases that suffered the most in 2012. I don't know where UConn ranks on that score (especially since they're only counting one sport for a school, i.e. Auburn football or UCLA basketball), but I do know the Huskies deserve to be up there. Anyway, the existence of the list got me thinking about just how bad UConn's 2012 was, and honestly, it was worse than I remembered. Here's a chronological recounting. If I forgot anything leave it in the comments.


  • UConn begins the year with Jim Calhoun away from the bench, finishing up an NCAA-mandated three-game suspension related to the recruitment of Nate Miles.
  • A week into the new year Shabazz Napier speaks out about the basketball team's lack of leadership, the first sign that the team's locker room problems extended past Alex Oriakhi's twitter account.
  • On January 13th, the day before Ryan Boatright was set to play in front of 400 members of his family and friends, the NCAA suspended the freshman for the second time. The suspension was such a sham that it inspired not one, but two New York Times columns by Joe Nocera.
  • Nike revealed that UConn would be forced to play in these eye sores.
  • UConn released a very poorly thought out promotions video.
  • The Huskies came into January 12-1 and ranked No. 8 in the country. They went 2-5 and were unranked by their first game of February (a loss to Georgetown).



  • UConn lost to Syracuse in the Big East Tournament. This actually wasn't that bad -- the start of March was a relative high point for UConn basketball as Roscoe Smith emerged as a legitimate post players. But still, losing to Syracuse. Grrr.
  • Iowa St. eliminated UConn in the first round of the NCAA tournament. It was only Jim Calhoun's second first-round loss as UConn's coach, and the only one to come when his starting point guard's knee didn't explode to open the game.
  • Speaking of Iowa St. Roscoe Smith did this again. Thanks 'scoe.



  • Jim Calhoun stalled on announcing his job status. In retrospect this is probably a good thing, because it meant we got Kevin Ollie, and I love me some Kevin Ollie.
  • USF pulled off an improbable double-header sweep to eliminate UConn from the Big East tournament and keep the Huskies from a second straight NCAA bid.
  • UConn announced it was pulling out of the Carrier Classic. Again, this was disappointing at the time, but proved to be a positive in retrospect because it wound up freeing up UConn for its trip to Germany.








  • UConn soccer was eliminated in -- wait for it -- incredibly painful fashion in the national quarterfinals. I believe this is the 57th straight year that this has happened. Ray Reid gonna Ray Reid.
  • UConn's football season ended with a whimper of a loss to Cincinnati. It was clear Paul Pasqualoni was returning, which I was okay with -- as long as George DeLeone didn't stick around.
  • The Catholic schools decided to leave the Big East. That meant UConn's longest-tenured conference rivals were Cincinnati and USF. Writing that sentence made me cry.
  • Boston College, the source of all evil in the universe, poached defensive coordinator Don Brown, the only good thing about UConn football.
  • As of this writing it's not clear if Kevin Ollie will be UConn's basketball coach next year.
  • As of this writing it is clear that George DeLeone will be employed by UConn next year.

So there you have it, a complete list of everything that went bad for UConn in 2012. I made it as short as I possibly could and it was still 1,300 words. Next year can't get here fast enough.