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BC steals Don Brown

The best thing about UConn football is headed to the worst place on earth


It's been about a week since UConn athletics last got humiliated, so you have to figure the school was due for something like this: defensive coordinator Don Brown is leaving the team. To go work at Boston College. Ugh.

Brown was easily the best thing UConn football had going for it -- the defense was a top-10 unit this year -- and I'd wager his departure will be another in a series of crippling blows for the Paul Pasqualoni era at UConn. The defense was already going to have several question marks next year thanks to the loss of key graduating seniors, and bringing in a new DC to teach a new system (the third in four seasons) should be just enough to snuff out that last glimmer of hope we might have had for a successful season next year.

Oh, and to rub salt in the wound, this news comes just a handful of hours after President Susan Herbst's "everything is going to be okay" message to the community. Are we sure Rentschler Field wasn't built on an indian burial ground?

This is awful in every single way. I hate everything right now. Damnit.