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Andre Drummond is not an artist

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Drummond and Kemba Walker took part in an art project. It didn't end well.

This is not Andre's finest work.
This is not Andre's finest work.

Panini America is a trading card company, and they apparently thought it'd be fun to get some young NBA players to try their hand at making a little art. They recruited former Huskies Andre Drummond and Kemba Walker, and well, things didn't go so hot.

The picture above was done by Drummond and is a Husky. I think. Maybe. It's not clear what Drummond was going for, but it's probably safe to say he didn't stick the landing. He had one other picture in collections, which I think might be an anthropomorphic basketball, but again, it's hard to be sure:


Kemba Walker, always a bit wiser than his peers, made use of the old "tracing your hand" standby to make some thumb art. I present to you his masterpiece, entitled "Kemba's Thumb." Behold:


You can check out a full gallery of sketches here. I didn't catch any other former Huskies, but Panini indicated this was just a selection of the work, so we might get to see more someday.

(H/T Deadspin).